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Tia Ma, a holistic healer for over three decades, is trained in Qigong, Massage, and Holistic Coaching. She specializes in breath awareness and intuition repair. Practiced in Qigong for over 20 years, she focuses on integrating emotional responses of the body, teaches you to listen to your intuition and helps you find your personal sense of self care. Tia offers insightful reflections and recipes for healing. She blends sacred knowledge with modern day consciousness for her Elixir Light Qigong.

One Minute Qigong

Want to experience how even one minute of Qigong can shift your energy? Pull up a seat, put both feet on the ground if you are able, sit up tall as comfortable and let’s play Qigong![+] Show More
  • The End Of Narcissism As We’ve Known It Is Here
    ‘Team Empathist’ Leads The Way Have you lost track of how many articles on narcissists and narcissism you’ve read? How many checklists have you pored over recently as you compared notes and re-examined the proof? How has the explosion of narcissism-education, abuse exposure, and narcissist melt-downs affected you personally? In the past, narcissists thrived in secrecy and separated their victims […]
  • I Let Myself Have the Reward First
    My to-do list was missing happiness I jumped on the Zoom call, to meet with my small group. My business coaching program, MasterHeart with George Kao, has us check in regularly to reaccess and net-care. (George taught us the concept of caring for our peers and clients, rather than ‘network’ them.) It was time for a check-in. The four of […]
  • The Shattered Orbit of Derrick Jaxn
    How Empowered Empathics are Breaking Old Curses and Writing New Myths I confess — I listened to Derrick Jaxn. I watched his videos. I liked watching a strong, tall, black man discuss feelings about respecting women. His voice calmed me down, his message (for the most part) made sense. I didn’t see the red flags though and damn, was I […]
  • Reading The Signs In Moab Mountains
    I found the perfect spot for my morning yoga and qigong “HOT DAMN! There are so many choices.” I said to the John Wayne painting in my hotel, trying to choose where to spend my day as I got dressed. Goblin Valley? Canyon Lands? Monument Valley? Mesa Verde? I started at a cafe in downtown Moab and had my omelet […]