Ace of CupsTarot works like a spiritual mirror. mayan-oracle-kanTogether with the law of attraction, it helps activates our intuition. Tia Ma uses 10 or more different decks, sometimes all at once. Readings generally are very fun, validating and insightful. Some people might have a deep fear of tarot, maybe they are afraid of what the future may hold. Nothing is written in stone,  we always have the option to notice what we are broadcasting out in our life. Perspective and clarification can assist us in making life choices.

Tia also teaches tarot, divination and I Ching to those who would like to learn these crafts for themselves. Readings are priced on the same sliding scale as massages: Per hour = $60.00-$90.00 (your choice).  Under an hour (5, 10, 15 minute readings etc.) are $1.00 a minute. Phone or email consultations are available.