Winter Qigong series. Live zoom classes: Jan 11th- Feb 17th


In Chinese medicine, the element of Winter is water. 

In the plant world, this is the time you’ll find energy dropping down into the roots; gathering, storing, and holding energy.

In this series, we’ll focus on movements for nourishing and supporting the kidney and bladder meridian. We’ll emphasize the central meridian to keep charged from our deepest core out and continue clearing and strengthening the Wei Qi field (our aura), to boost our immune system during the abrupt temperature changes the season of winter brings.

Cleansing our energy in a balanced way affects our blood, breath, and bones.

In Qigong, we look to mirror nature around us. Since winter holds the energy of water, we aim to find flowing qi in our meridians, thoughts, and body. Feeling cold and stagnant can create an environment of illness and unease, while internal warmth flow creates health, peace, and awareness.

In this course, we’ll use mental intention to hydrate our internal landscape, find a sense of fluidity and cultivate refined energy.

Join us to boost vitality and your immune system for the winter months ahead.

Live online zoom classes Tuesday and Thursday, 8:30 am EST. Recordings are available for you to keep. $120.00 for 12 classes.


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