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Qigong for times of uncertainty (8:42 seconds)

Qigong for times of uncertainty (8:42 seconds)

Qigong is over 5000 years, a practice born deep in the Shaolin Mountains of China. The fact that this meditation has survived so many generations, speaks to its consistency.


When we deepen our breath– our brain and body adjust.


Uncertainty can bring up fear and anxiety, and for some people- it triggers dissociation. It alters our heart rate and stress hormones and often brings up the fight/flight response, otherwise known as the Sympathetic Nervous System.

  • The sympathetic system connects us to the four stress responses to protect ourselves from perceived harm: fight/flight/freeze/fawn. Sympathetic stress,  inhibits metabolism, and favors energy created by the adrenals, releasing adrenaline & other stress hormones into the system for a boost of extra energy needed to protect from danger.

Most likely one of these stress responses feels like home to you,  although for people who’ve experienced trauma in their life, often know all four intimately. Plus new research is revealing that people with PTSD or CPTSD, are living in chronic freeze mode.

Luckily Qigong offers a safe empowered shift into a parasympathetic nervous system state, (as does yoga, meditation, exercise, etc.).

The slow motion movements combined with focused breathing, shifts our nervous system into parasympathetic.

  • The parasympathetic system moves us into a state of relaxation, energy inward. Known as a “rest and digest” or “feed and breed”, energy. When we are in parasympathetic mode, our energy is primarily being created by our metabolism; so we can eat and sleep properly.

Qigong needs no equipment or expertise to begin. You can do it inside, outside, sitting, laying, standing. It is safe to do if you’re 9, or 99.

With a few focused breaths, it is possible to go from feeling anxious to experiencing soft feelings of content.


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