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Holistic Coaching

Holistic Coaching

If you’re feeling:

Overwhelmed? Anxious? Having trouble feeling positive in these crazy times?

But want to feel: Centered. Grounded. Functional.

Then a Holistic Resilience Plan can help walk you into feeling more comfortable in your own skin.

Do you feel like snapping/losing it/at a breaking point?

Then you could be reaching capacity within your own nervous systems. Which can feel like driving 600 miles an hour with the emergency brake on.

I want to teach you about your nervous systems, the anatomy of breath, the power of awareness. I have 1000’s of holistic tools, tricks, gauges to help you know how you are in the moment, and to quickly shift your energy to increase your power, open your compassion and clear your head, inviting in a larger perspective.

Do you know you want a therapist, a coach or some sort of program, but have no idea where to start? 

Sometimes we know we need help but are not sure where to start. You may want to set up an appointment for self-care, but experience a panic attack talking on the phone? Or maybe the many choices of options are overwhelming and you are not sure of what the differences are between a Psychologist, a Psychotherapist, a Psychiatrist and a Coach are. I want to hear your needs and help point you in the right direction.

Maybe you have been in therapy for years already, but are just not where you want to be in your life and your emotional state of mind.

People who experience PTSD or CPTSD, (C=complex), can be stuck in freeze mode, (depression, sadness, sabotaging patterns) which makes movement for self-care feel impossible. Or you may be experiencing fight/flight, and not able to achieve regulation in your life or with others.

I understand. I have been navigating through C-PTSD for 53 years now. I have a passion to simplify working tools, and assisting people who are at a loss of where to begin.

Are you exhausted of triggers that have been with you your whole life?

Understanding the Polyvagal theory has been pivotal in my recovery process, and I want to hand you the keys to experience the same freedom. Through education, qigong, breathwork, and simple exercises, you can experience a “window of tolerance” and have the tools to center, make choices and experience peace.

Within your body— are the answers. Working with the wisdom of your body, we develop a personal road map within your story to help you:

  1. Know what you are feeling
  2. Create safety in your experience
  3. Pack a full toolbox to assist you on your journey


Do you KNOW deep down, there is more to living than you are experiencing?

Are you tired of reacting and responding to things outside of you? Would you like to have more agency and choice in what you are living? While meditation works for some, for others it is too challenging to sit still in silence right away. I offer alternative options for traditional meditation. We will search and find the mindfulness tools that work best for you. 

Climate change, a global pandemic, and personal crises are overwhelming, now what?

These are truly unprecedented times. Resilience tools to keep functioning are needed more than ever. Yes, there is a crisis. Yes, there is fear. Yes, there is grief. Yet while we are alive we deserve to find the most functional ways to deal with our emotions and find ways to continue on— loving, living, and thriving in stressful times.

Are narcissism and toxic work/ family situations common in your experience? Do you find yourself in relationship patterns that are damaging?

Currently, there is a collective wave of toxic behaviors being explored and exposed. You may be experiencing or witnessing trauma or trauma bonding. Today we have access to more education about insidious patterns of codependency and other-ism than ever before as information about neuroscience, attachment theory and the nervous systems come further into the light. 

I can help you navigate all the leading edge healing components by walking you through your story as it is, into the story as you would like.

We will map out a holistic plan to help you with too much stress, creating regulated patterns that nourish you, help your head feel clear, and get your body energized.

Coaching Packages:

A free half-hour consultation where we can see if we are a good fit in working together. You will receive a personalized video of one Qigong form to immediately begin your journey of calming down to make clearer decisions.

A one-hour session via Zoom to address the immediate need you have in your life, creating an action plan of relief. $120.00 an hour

A three-part coaching package to address a deeper change in your life. An action plan of qigong, food and herbal recommendations, and spiritual practice can begin to impact your habits and brain synapses immediately. $315.00

A ten-part coaching package, to get to the root issues. A deep dive for life-changing effects. Become the captain of your life. Become the director of your movie. Find a sense of peace and freedom that is sustainable, consistent, and impactful. $950.00

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