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The End Of Narcissism As We’ve Known It Is Here

‘Team Empathist’ Leads The Way Have you lost track of how many articles on narcissists and narcissism you’ve read? How many checklists have you pored over recently as you compared notes and re-examined the proof? How has the explosion of narcissism-education, abuse exposure, and narcissist melt-downs affected you personally? In the past, narcissists thrived in secrecy and separated their victims […]

I Let Myself Have the Reward First

My to-do list was missing happiness I jumped on the Zoom call, to meet with my small group. My business coaching program, MasterHeart with George Kao, has us check in regularly to reaccess and net-care. (George taught us the concept of caring for our peers and clients, rather than ‘network’ them.) It was time for a check-in. The four of […]

The Shattered Orbit of Derrick Jaxn

How Empowered Empathics are Breaking Old Curses and Writing New Myths I confess — I listened to Derrick Jaxn. I watched his videos. I liked watching a strong, tall, black man discuss feelings about respecting women. His voice calmed me down, his message (for the most part) made sense. I didn’t see the red flags though and damn, was I […]

Reading The Signs In Moab Mountains

I found the perfect spot for my morning yoga and qigong “HOT DAMN! There are so many choices.” I said to the John Wayne painting in my hotel, trying to choose where to spend my day as I got dressed. Goblin Valley? Canyon Lands? Monument Valley? Mesa Verde? I started at a cafe in downtown Moab and had my omelet […]

You Don’t Need To Argue to Open a Closed Mind

A story of moving ‘Qi’ within a thick fog of judgment Early in January 2020, I was invited to the YMCA to speak to a men’s group about the benefits of Qigong. The room I walked into was used for daycare for part of the day. The white linoleum stained with paint and bits of glitter was proof. I walked […]

Qigong on the Pond

Gratitude for the magical moments in nature As I rode my bike through the Spanish moss tunnel, the live oaks protected me from the afternoon rain. There was just enough chill in the air for my green hoodie. I saw a little pond I never noticed before, in the middle of a neighborhood, and decided to stop for some qigong. […]

Dantian Empowerment

Dantian empowerment is a powerful way to supercharge your energy. Our three dantians connect us with vitality, love and wisdom, and are considered staples of Shaolin Qigong. This simple moving meditation calms your mind, while energizing your body. This form is a template for your own practice, once you learn the form, feel free to improvise on the length of […]

Qigong for times of uncertainty (8:42 seconds)

Qigong is over 5000 years, a practice born deep in the Shaolin Mountains of China. The fact that this meditation has survived so many generations, speaks to its consistency.   When we deepen our breath– our brain and body adjust.   Uncertainty can bring up fear and anxiety, and for some people- it triggers dissociation. It alters our heart rate and stress hormones […]

Laughing to death — on social media.

Dying out loud was a gift my dad felt called to share. I had to explain how it worked before he’d sign up. “It’s a private social media site, Dad, where people can stay connected to you before you die.” He’d resisted social media since its inception. I never understood why. I mean, he loved writing, community, and connection, but […]