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Autumn Qigong: Roots. Refinement. Relief.

In Qigong, the fall season is when we focus on the lungs and large intestines as both deal with purification and elimination.

Ruled by the Metal element, this is an optimal time to let go and clean house. 

Metal Element

From the Equinox on September 22 to the Winter Solstice on December 21, we can use this energy to release habits, commitments, or thoughts that no longer sustain us. 

  • Our lungs are responsible for taking in oxygen, absorbing it into our blood, and is the meridian that balances joy & grief.
  • The large intestines are responsible for absorbing vitamins and nutrients. They also affect the tendons of the body, our emotional processing, and the spectrum of stagnation & relief.
  • The metal element symbolizes the process of refinement and its resulting products. In this season, we access what is necessary and what needs to be eliminated.

Both air and metal energies address mental and spiritual activities, including the workings of the mind, the intellect, and communication, and metal is connected to air through the lungs. 

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