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Dantian Empowerment

Dantian Empowerment

Dantian empowerment is a powerful way to supercharge your energy.

Our three dantians connect us with vitality, love and wisdom, and are considered staples of Shaolin Qigong. This simple moving meditation calms your mind, while energizing your body.

This form is a template for your own practice, once you learn the form, feel free to improvise on the length of each part. If you feel your lower dantian is in need of extra strength, you might want to focus 10 or 20 minutes on it, and save your other dantians for another day. If the centering form feels particularly calming, lean into it, there is nothing wrong with doing just that form for 2 minutes or 2 hours. Trust yourself, Qi is intelligent.

The practices I show you were handed to me from my Qigong teacher Robert Peng, who studied with a Shaolin monk for his whole childhood. If standing is challenging for you, this form can be done sitting as well. Try to keep your spine upright if you are able. Let me know what you think….subscribe and share with your friends…and may Universal life force nourish you today.

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