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I Let Myself Have the Reward First

My to-do list was missing happiness I jumped on the Zoom call, to meet with my small group. My business coaching program, MasterHeart with George Kao, has us check in regularly to reaccess and net-care. (George taught us the concept of caring for our peers and clients, rather than ‘network’ them.) It was time for a check-in. The four of […]

The Shattered Orbit of Derrick Jaxn

How Empowered Empathics are Breaking Old Curses and Writing New Myths I confess — I listened to Derrick Jaxn. I watched his videos. I liked watching a strong, tall, black man discuss feelings about respecting women. His voice calmed me down, his message (for the most part) made sense. I didn’t see the red flags though and damn, was I […]