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The Mayan New year begins today, July 26th, 2011.  5125 years ago, the current calendar was created,  and this year was the grand finale.

The ancient glyphs and flavor of the numbers (tones) help us understand that this year is known as Rhythmic Wizard, or IX (sounded ee’sh), which means jaguar, heart.

Tone 6 (rhythmic) is all about receptivity and organic balance. Drinking truth in with our hearts, mind and body  simultaneously, while receiving the amazing power of interconnection with our community, our solar system, our galaxy and beyond. Intelligence and intuition working together to create our world, remembering that Time=art.

The Rune of this year can be understood as Wizard, or Shaman, Priest or Magician. By developing our connection to the Divine, I believe we can all have within us, some flavor of this archetype. When we become torch bearers we shine light where there is blindness, vibrating love when there is great fear and separation.  This is an exciting time to delve into our essence self, to be our true self, for when we allow magic to come through us, rather than conjure it and make things happen, we experience the synchronicity and awe-inspiring miracles of living on this planet in this time.

Do I believe that we are ending the world with this end of the calendar? NO, but let us go ahead and end some concepts which are destroying a fabric of life and vitality. Let us end the lack of integrity eh? Those parts of our thoughts and actions which don’t fully ring true to who we really are.  Let’s let go of control, and power over others, the need for approval, and recognition. Imagine the end of Mind and Heart being out of communication from each other. Let us experience crumbling disharmony, and melting misalignment with our own heart.

Remaining transparent… with an open heart, I pray you have the most amazing journey this year as we head toward the Winter Solstice 12-21-12,  into where the some real excitement is going to happen….2013! (More on this later.)

Brightest of Blessings

Tia Ma