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Tia-Ma.com, my new website is launched,  Whoo hooo!

Which means, it is time for a little story telling.  The story of “What really happened with Casa Ma?”
SO, here it is….

Casa Ma Holistic Spa and Studios was my version of an elegant collective venue which housed healing, spiritual concerts and holistic health workshops, it was open 1 year.   In 2012, I was busy launching dreams; my business, my a marriage to the woman I had been dating for 2 years and of working in partnership with my healing community.  And I did launch!  I planned my wedding, got married, moved into that victorian building, set up the yoga studio, and filled the house with powerful holistic healers. Then I proceeded to watch my relationship self destruct like a fiery tornado making out with gasoline.  All the healers, clients, and amazing space in the world, could not change the fact that Casa Ma had me, at the center of it all, experiencing my own “holistic” nuclear melt down.

It’s been 1 year since I locked the doors to that 3 story Victorian, on University ave. (April 2013). I left promising to turn it quickly into Casa Ma Productions; organizing events and sponsoring healers around town.  But really?  I couldn’t have guessed the amount of time and nursing it would take for me to find my footing again. I thought it might take a spring break, but here we are, a full year later.  In reality, I kissed the dirt.  Broken hearted from a failed relationship while trying to run a budding business was a public nightmare.  I experienced the loss of my house, my neighborhood, plus a couple of friendships that fully surprised me. My life felt shattered like 1000’s of wine glasses, crashing daily all around me.

Casa Ma = The House of the Mother.  The Mothers house of healing held witness to some phenomenal healing; the Maori Shaman,  ghost clearings, yoga workshops, enneagram classes, Peter Levitov and Jane Sibery in concert etc.  In a healing crisis, there usually is great pressure for a head to burst, and purge. I believe this severe expansion/contraction ended up being a divine healing for me as well.  I see now how Casa Ma was in part, a reflection of my unhealed relationship with my Mother and THE MOTHER.  And true to the theme of the whole venture, (which was the STAR card in the tarot), I had some deep emotional wounds which needed cleansing.

For a year, I did not sleep.  So it came down to a choice, have a nervous breakdown, or retreat.  So, I took a break. I closed Casa Ma, and flew to Cancun, then New York, I witnessed Frieda Kahlo paintings face to face in Atlanta, and had a “fear and loathing” type road trip in Idaho. I needed time to address the grief of my relationship, and could not fake being together enough to be owner, organizer, coordinator of such a large project as my business. I truly apologize to those who I let down, as I dreamed big and could not follow through. I was accused of exaggerating and lying because I attempted to create a project and could not deliver.  I did break agreements, I dreamed big without the whole plan, without funding, without a board of directors, without a partner, and experiencing severe grief … it is a powerful practice to save soul, while losing face.
Currently I have moved my practice into another downtown Victorian building, along with Susan Marynowski, local master herbalist, and Michelle Gould astrologer extraordinaire,  lawyer Kevin Roberston, writer with Arts and Medicine Dylan Kemplner,  accountant Lori White, and the whole Liquid Design/ Marketing Mud team which does graphics, marketing and web design, (they created my fabulous new website). I’m thinking maybe one massage therapist in a building might be enough, because I love the diversity of this work community.
I will not be moving forward with Casa Ma Productions. I am no longer “the house”,  I am just me.  But check out my new website, Tia-Ma.com, for upcoming classes such as: Meditations on the Chakras, Aromatherapy Basics, including a joint class with Michelle Gould:  Aromatherapy and Astrology, and by demand a Tarot for Teens class.
The support of my friends around the globe kept me afloat during one of the most trying times of my life. Thank you for your compassion, thank you for holding me. The sour flavor of grief can taint everything at first, but with constant love and listening, I was reminded this was not just failure, this was growth.
In transparency and truth,
Tia Ma



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    • bahira & shaya says:

      Beautifully said. May our love that joins with so many others add to your strength.

    • Lyndelle Robertson says:

      Your strength and fortitude are inspiring! <3

    • kylie says:

      Tia Ma you gorgeous being, don’t ever apologize for dreaming big. It wasn’t a failure it was a community soul purge. Your big dreams fuel the heart and soul of that town! Brave to share all of this!

    • Ann says:

      Tia, You are beautiful, strong and brave! Thank you for sharing your story. I had a sense of what was happening for you a year ago and I would lift you up when I thought of you. I am continuing to hope for you and your endeavors to prosper! Love!

    • Kristen says:

      Thanks for sharing that very heartfelt post. Casa Ma was an AMAZING space full of very powerful energy. Your dream was not lost, just brief and I was glad to be a part of it but I would be lying if I didn’t say that I do wish it had blossomed a little bit bigger and longer. The stars align certain ways for certain reasons. Good luck to you on your ventures and I hope our paths continue to cross. Namaste xoxo

    • Debbi says:

      I understand your pain. Over the last year everything I held dear; my family get-togethers & holiday times, 2 of my 3 children, my ‘life-long friend’ (beloved ex) , seeing my precious little grandchildren -all disappeared from my world in one day. Some said they needed space, some said nothing.
      ‘Dark night of the soul’ is how one holy woman described it.
      It isn’t over yet. To my amazement I haven’t died from the pain. Or create some dreadful disease. And today I am doing much better. Grief is one gut-wrenching experience.
      As a Virgo, I believe that I cried months and months and months of tears for the whole world. For broken hearts and broken promises. For what could be and isn’t. For dreams and hopes dashed.
      And the good news is that ALL of us are beginning to emerge on the other side. Isn’t the timing in Divine order? It is Spring and we are emerging as the beautiful butterflies we always knew we were. Apparently there was some clutter clearing required 1st.

      So, we’ve done the work we signed on for (what were we thinking!), and it is indeed a NEW DAY.
      God Bless us Everyone. New Earth. New Paradigm. New People. And so it is. Amen.

    • Laurie Reisman says:

      You are the inspiration Tia! Thank you for shining bright and bold, being authentic and continuing to be a gift with your presence.

    • Rebecca says:

      Tia, I am simply amazed that one person was the visionary and the muscle behind making Casa Ma a reality. I was (and still am) inspired by your ability to manifest that wonderful space for healing and community of healers. I often balk at my dreams and forget to believe in the possibilities. Why? What’s the worst that can happen? I realize after reading about your journey that I too can go forth bravely, invest and come what may. I hope I can carry the strength and the courage of the mother as I birth my own dreams. Thank you for being a shining example and inspiration! May you be blessed as you continue to dream and build your life in new and wonderful ways.

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