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The revolution will not be Face-booked.

I thought it might, since we the people can write, post, share and “like” with each other without the approval of the media owners. Deleted posts and disappearing event- invites in the last month have changed my opinion though. I’m not sure if this is Facebook deciding certain items need to be deleted, or is this our government deciding that Facebook will be monitored and adjusted.

I am writing here, not to share my opinion of a conspiracy theory, or my thoughts on “Big Brother”, but to open up our collective conversation to “Then What?”.

Now, I love me some Facebook, but I have always thought that it’s a weakened version of what we humans are capable of doing:  PSYCHIC COMMUNICATION!

I am reminded of stories and dreams about Lumuria and Atlantis. Two cultures which fell into the ocean long, long ago. It seems to me that we could talk to each other in our hearts and minds eye, without the use of cell phones. We could coordinate and gather with our world wide grid of interconnection, not the world wide inter-web which is being tracked and monitored for accurate advertising and modified searches depending on who our friends are.

Imagine with me if you would, a world where we use and trust our intuition.  Our ability to send psychic messages- effortlessly woven with images, words, feelings and information. Our ability to receive messages strong, with clear reception.

It is fun to practice with loved ones, tell someone that you are going to “call” them throughout the day, and see if they can notice what time, or even what message you are telling them. Psychic skills grow stronger every time we use them, kinda like a kegel, you can’t see it, but it’s real!

Feel and vibrate! Send and receive! If Facebook gets sold, turned off, or further corrupt, they cannot take from us our sense of interconnection! If you happen to experience any of the odd tornadoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes of late, and find yourself without internet, phone, or electricity, we can still be connected.

Psychic kegal my friends and WE WILL REMAIN LINKED!

Tia Ma