About Tia Ma


Since 1988, Tia Ma has been a practitioner in the holistic arts. A licensed Massage therapist, painter, and a synesthesia intuitive,  many of her clients consider her a holistic artist.

Blending the tools of shiatsu, reflexology, deep tissue, Reiki, chakra work, flower essence therapy, aromatherapy etc. her sessions are tailored fit to address your specific needs on any given day, (no fluff and buff massage here!).

Specializing in MLD, (Manual lymphatic drainage) many people find this an excellent treatment for healing acute injuries, boosting the immune system and dealing with the side effects of  surgery. Other specialties of Tia’s:

  • resolving foot pain
  • alleviating depression
  • teaching self care for stress and anxiety
  • releasing neck and shoulder tension
  • restructuring computer related pain
  • integrating emotional responses in the body

Her clients report feeling better than they have in YEARS after seeing Tia.

The body is full of personal messages and stories. When we listen attentively, we can find specific ways to unwind pain patterns, the goal being to restore your internal life-force flow and experience life happy, balanced and healthy!

My Story

If you talk with holistic healers around the world, you often will find they have a story of personal triumph. Known as the “Wounded Healer” phenomena, many have survived a great obstacle of some sort; illness, trauma, sexual abuse or dysfunctional childhood. Rather than be crushed down from this, something inside of them sparked. Amazingly, their pain morphed into a some gift: insight, ferocious compassion or a certain blazing strength.  Surviving turned into thriving.

A believer in the art of transparency, I share my story:

Born a Pacific North Westerner, in Spokane Washington, 1968,  I moved with my Family to Logan, Utah at age 1.   My father, a behavior psychology professor experimenting with rats and pigeons at the time, also experimented with the B.F. Skinner Box, otherwise known as the “Air Crib”.Screen-Shot-2013-09-26-at-12.11.39-PM

The concept was two fold;  in this isolated environment,  parents could control the temperature of a baby (there was a large motor underneath the plexiglass enclosed crib to control the air), so no extraneous use of blankets, pillows or other “choke-able” items would endanger the child, AND the behavior of a baby could be controlled by placing them in the crib every time they cried, attempting to train a baby not to  cry.  Once their crying ceased, they could then be reinforced by touch or food.

I didn’t like it. In fact I hate this picture of a trapped kid smiling, but I don’t think they took many pics of the babies crying their eyes out wanting a hug.  As hard as it is to remember crying inside the air crib (which I do ),  it’s there that I feel my psychic skills first began to bloom.  The trauma from abandonment created a soul splintering effect, which helped me start to astral travel from an early age.  If I hadn’t found comfort and support in the healing arts, I am pretty sure I would be a split personality or have borderline personality disorder.  But I found drum journeys and soul retrievals. I went to re-birthing and breath workshops. I learned to scoop up my splintered selves and stitch my self back together again.


Happy to be out of the box, I was off to school for kindergarten.  I was fully unprepared for walking into a school where every teacher, child, and school official was LDS (Mormon).  My parents raised me as an atheist child, so when I declared proud and loud to my class, “I don’t believe in God”, this also became the day where I was cornered in the bathroom by 5 little Mormon girls, and told that I was in fact a “DEVIL CHILD”.           Being ostracized for the next 16 years sucked, but it also dropped me deep into making art. 


That atheist phase didn’t last long for me. I could tell from a very early age that there was something else going on. Outside, I was mesmerized by succulents and fell in love with rocks. I would have long conversations with the apple tree in our back yard, often crawling up and around it for a hug.  I couldn’t talk about it to anyone, but I could swear that I could hear the chive flowers while I drew them, almost as if they were a musical tone or the chime of a bell.  I owe the clouds my life- when I lounged in the grass, they taught me what it felt like when you weren’t trapped.

loveit,flowers,purple,glowingflowers,jamaicanflowers-8315341deaa5baeb97e606eee3341695_hI began to pray in secret, horrified that I was doing it wrong.  What I knew for certain was that you were supposed to be on your knees, with hands together. I thought for sure God would be mad if I was doing it wrong, but worse- the thought of my mother catching me praying! The experience of feeling spiritually hungry and completely on my own, taught me to have my own relationship with God/Goddess/Great Spirit.  It turns out it was only my mother who was upset with me, God was absolutely welcoming and encouraged me to pray whatever way I wanted to!

It was in 8th grade when my first boyfriend dropped me. That was the day that I learned how severe heart break felt, and it ended up being a profoundly gigantic day for my spiritual growth. Hours and hours of crying helped my heart feel like crushed rusty car at the junk yard. I skipped school, and soon I slipped into an alternate reality, (which I now know to be a kundalini awakening).  I began to shake, and got goosebumps and I began to see spirits. I didn’t know if it was ghosts I was seeing or evil entities.

images-2Somehow- I began to relax. I started to feel as if I were surrounded by extremely loving, glowing beings. My spirit guides came to me, and with that, a strong sense of calm washed over me. I was not alone. It took many years to understand that heartbreak (or pain in general), actually is a gift, a map even, to my intuition, my true self, and seriously strengthens my connection with the Divine.

The full-body electric tingling sensations I experienced that day led me on a quest to understand more of the spirit world. I began church shopping. I craved to know about praying, religions and sacred teachings. I was fascinated with the concept of a Medicine Person, and curious about witch doctors. At age 15 I discovered the Carlos Castaneda series, and soon after Lynn Andrew’s books Medicine Woman collection. Both these authors rekindled that electric feeling in my body (my Chakra’s opening), when they spoke of shamanism, the dream world, magic and different ways to consciously work with energy.

medicine-woman10By the age of 19, I had experienced many out-of- body experiences, astral projection, mind blowing synchronicity, shared dream experiences and had begun to develop consistent communication with my own team of spirit guides, and animals in real time.

So childhood was rough. It was filled with painful, isolating experiences, but today I am so grateful for it all!  I am grateful for the pain that strengthened my intuition, taught me to listen to the spirit body and to give me what I feel is an amazing sense of touch (I have eyes and ears in my hands!). I survived feeling suicidal beginning at age 9, debilitating depression, panic attacks and a sense of self hatred that left me crippled. I crawled out of the dark night of the soul, again and again and again. I trust that darkness now. It is not the horrible place of empty lonely I used to think it was. The darkness is the place where the stars can shine, and roots grow. The pain turned- I learned to breath, and speak, and truly… now I can say I thrive.

My path led me to the law of attraction, and meditation, qi gong, acupuncture, massage, counseling, and making art. Self care has been the number one tool I needed to learn. Simple things like drinking water when I need it and resting when I am contracted were things I had to practice. I love to remind people to be their own healer.  I feel honored when I get to see the spark in someones eyes, when self sabotage softens. I am thrilled when someone shifts from hating that pain in their foot/neck/back to cradling it, bringing it closer, to hear the story jammed into the muscle and bone. And I so enjoy the the look on their face when they realize the chronic pain they have carried around for way too long, is just gone.

I like to consider myself a galactic geisha of the healing arts, a spiritual midwife, and a compassionate antenna-like cheerleader.  I welcome you to consider me to join your healing team- as you go on your own treasure chest hunt of holistic health.








I’m a two time cancer survivor in a position where stress is a life companion. My stress is down . My blood pressure is lower than it’s ever been. Life is good. Thank you, Tia!

Jon Mills | Professor of Law, Director for the Center for Governmental Responsibility

Tia is a gifted coach. My session was always more than just a massage as it had a healing/spiritual touch. She is insightful, intuitive and soulful. A master healer. I was never disappointed.

Liz VanNess

Tia coached me through one of the hardest times in my life. She is kind, compassionate and full of wisdom. She also tells you like it is. Tia’s coaching not only gave me the tools I needed to succeed but she also helped me gain the strength to implement those tools. I recommend Tia not

Lonie Carpenter | Co-owner of Mode Salon and Spas

Tia Ma worked with me throughout a high risk pregnancy. Her influence helped me trust my body and take better care of myself. Tia is a wealth of resources, knowledge, and wisdom, and a phenomenal Qigong teacher. I am forever grateful for the ways I have grown as a result of working with her.  

Sara Nash, PdH, LMHC