About Tia Ma

Since 1988, Tia Ma has been a practitioner in the holistic arts. A licensed Massage therapist, painter, and a synesthesia intuitive,  many of her clients consider her a holistic artist.

Blending the tools of shiatsu, reflexology, deep tissue, Reiki, chakra work, flower essence therapy, aromatherapy etc. her sessions are tailored fit to address your specific needs on any given day, (no fluff and buff massage here!).

Specializing in LMD, (Manual lymphatic drainage) many people find this an excellent treatment for healing acute injuries, boosting the immune system and dealing with the side effects of  surgery. Other specialties for Tia: resolving foot pain, alleviating depression, teaching self care for stress and anxiety, releasing neck and shoulder tension, and restructuring computer related pain.

Her clients report feeling better than they have in YEARS after seeing Tia.

The body is full of personal messages and stories. Together, when we listen, we can explore specific ways to unwind your pain patterns, the goal being to restore your internal natural life-force flow and experience life happy, balanced and healthy!



Latest From the Blog


I had severe “tennis elbow” for a while.  After three sessions working on my elbow the pain was gone.  I was able to resume racquetball and that pain has NEVER returned.   I appreciate her balance of the spiritual or tenderness with her clinical solutions.  

Joshua Shatkin

Tia is an amazing healing massage therapist! She cured my locked up painful shoulder. To see her, lets her hands and hot rock magic heal you.

Kathleen McKee

Time with Tia nourishes the soul and lifts the spirit. She has an amazing ability to identify and address the needs and wants of a person. I have at times arrived high-strung and tense and left relaxed and content, arrived beaten down and depressed and left invigorated and in high spirits.

May Lehmensiek

Long hours of working at a desk combined with intensive physical activities have historically left me living with chronic pain. Now, with regular massage sessions with Tia Ma I am able to live free of pain. Post massage I am left feeling relaxed and pain-free for days.

Hollie Hall

Tia Ma gives the best massages and I have been saying that for 10 years. At 68, I do not know how I would keep my body stretched and in proper alignment without Tia. What ever part of my body is causing trouble she fixes. I do not know what I would do without her!

Sharon McCloud


Three-of-Cups-Gilded-Tarot2cibTarot works like a spiritual mirror. Together with the law of attraction, it helps activates our intuition. Tia Ma uses 10 or more different decks, sometimes all at once. Readings generally are very fun, validating and insightful. Many people might have a deep fear of tarot, maybe they are afraid of what the future may hold. mayan-oracle-kanNothing is written in stone, yet we always have the option to notice what we are broadcasting out in our life. Perspective and clarification can assist us in making life choices. Tia Ma also teaches tarot, divination and I Ching to those who would like to learn these crafts for themselves. Readings are priced on the same sliding scale as massages:       Per hour = $60.00-$90.00 (your choice). Under an hour (5, 10, 15 minute readings etc.) are $1.00 a minute. Phone or email consultations are available.

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